Life on reserve
It’s a new day

I had the best day yesterday, the best night too… We talked last night and didn’t argue! We slept beside each other again with our lil angels. I felt so happy :) yet there were still conversations that left me sad. Like when i asked him, what do you tell people when they ask you if you’re in a relationship? He replied telling me he answers he’s single yet he’s in love. I asked him why can’t you tell them we’re still together? I can’t remember what he answered :| he told me i’m a friend. I asked him what kind of friend he answered back a special friend. I told him i don’t want to be friends, i want us to be lovers! ………..
He told me maybe in time i might see him outside my building waiting for me. I asked him really? He said yeah. I told him don’t make me hope for nothing. Because i will remember this day, i will remember what you said and i will now always hope you’ll be waiting for me outside my building for now on… There were a lot more. I asked him if he ever watched the notebook, he said yeah. I asked him if he knows the story then later on he was telling me what the story was all about ;p anyhow we slept together and i felt really happy :)

But tentenenen! Poof it became coco crunch! It’s a new day again! And it’s like whatever happened, it got scratched, crumpled, thrown sheesh! new day, monday. Gotta study now. No time for lurking bad vibes good luck to me. EVERDAY IS HELL DAY. :|